The CR361 is a top industry contender in usability and protection. This product is an above-the-counter solution equipped with a gentle force tether and low-profile sensor for an unbound user experience.

The CR361’s quick release sensor gives your staff the ability to quickly transition from tethered to customer demonstration mode in seconds. In demonstration mode an alarm always remains attached to the device and the pedestal for ultimate protection. Those who are in more demanding environments, a two or four arm high security bracket is also available.

Customer Experience.
The CR361 features an alarmed demonstration mode. Store associates can offer customers an untethered user experience by disarming the sensor. The sensor will reactivate after three minutes.

Store associates will begin to hear an ascending chirp sound notifying the device needs returned to the pedestal or more time be added for the demo via the IR Keyfob.

Dual Alarm System.
The CR361 features alarms in both the security sensor and the pedestal. The sensor’s internal
alarm stays with the device at all times.

The security sensor has a 85 dB alarm, and the pedestal has a 105 db alarm.


Bracket Compatibility.
2-Arm and 4-Arm brackets compliment the sensor
and serve as a deterrent to theft.

The brackets will not scratch the device and protect it from being damaged.

Cord Reel.
The 30” (76.2 cm) cord reel gives customers the flexibility to interact with the secured mobile device.

The gentle pull tether makes for a true feel user experience by allowing customers to test out the various functions of the secured mobile device.

Quick Release.
The CR361 features Quick Release for sales associates to offer an untethered customer experience, and it’s convenient for quick
nighttime storage.

In a matter of seconds, store associates can quickly remerchandise a position with new product.


Event Triggering.
The CR361 features event triggering that works with third party digital tag systems to track the number of times the mobile device has been lifted from the pedestal.

Lift detect may also be used to trigger retail digital signage.


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