Titan L2 - Black angled and white vertical

Titan L2 – Black angled and white vertical

In our world today, there is an array of options for just about anything on the market. Whether it’s a new car, peanut butter or running shoe to a television, pens or pet food, you always have a choice. More than likely you’re making your decision based on how the product works, style, brand and more. All of this is the same when choosing the type of security product used for protecting your retail goods: phones, tablets, soft goods, wearables and more. This is where Vanguard Protex Global (“VPG”) comes in.

VPG is a global industry leader in retail security solutions designed to complement the customer shopping experience. We’re a trusted retail security provider with an in-house design, engineering and manufacturing team. Given our experience and talent, we’re capable to meet short supply windows for new security systems, store remodels and replenishments.

Outside of our state-of-the-art products, VPG provides its customers and distributors with top-of-the-line customer service that includes effective communication and on-time delivery. Our commitment to you is never failing. We take pride in our partnerships and strive to provide first class service from the initial phase of uncovering your security needs to live customer support and account management. VPG goes beyond set expectations.

Your stores may be opening soon and given the state of the economy, odds are, there may be an increase in theft of certain high-priced items. VPG is here for you to provide you with the retail security display options necessary to protect your in-store assets and to answer all the questions you may have pertaining to our products. These are unprecedented times we’re living in and we want you to know that we’re here and willing to help you and your business with whatever security needs that arise.

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