Hey gang, what’s that bright spot on the horizon? Not trying to rush through the summer, but when you look towards September, do you notice a whole bunch of bright, shiny and new things? Is it the arrival of more jobs signaling the end of our country’s current economic woes? Nope folks, it’s nothing like that. It’s even better! Its 15 million iPhone 5’s shipping!!

Yep, that’s right 15 Million iPhone 5’s are heading our way – or let’s presume at least somewhere near us – but what does that really mean? Will the illustrious device from Apple take on a new shape? Will the real change take place under the hood (think iPhone 3 and iPhone 3s)? What, oh what, dear reader, could the folks in Cupertino have in mind for us? I’m asking. Really. Do you have any idea?

Let’s lay out some speculation and later on, we can see how we do once those 15 million iPhones set sail. Here’s my two cents: I’m leaning towards a larger screen surface, faster processor speeds, better battery life and a contoured form factor. We’ll check back on this post in September and see how well I did.

Regardless of what those Apple folks come up with, you all can rest assured that Vanguard Protex Global will be prepared. When the iPhone 5 hits the market, we’ll help retailers bring it to life with the best anti-theft and powering solution in the industry. Until then, what do you think the iPhone 5 will do differently than the iPhone 4?

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