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Retail theft is a pervasive issue that impacts businesses of all sizes, leading to significant financial losses and operational disruptions.

Unveiling the truth behind this alarming trend is essential to understanding the scope of the problem and implementing effective strategies to combat it.

In this blog post, we will delve into 6 eye-opening statistics about retail theft and its profound impact on businesses, shedding light on the importance of prioritizing security measures and loss prevention initiatives in the retail sector.

1. 26.5% surge in ORC incidents 


In the wake of the post-pandemic uptick in retail theft, retailers have reported a startling 26.5% surge in Organized Retail Crime (ORC) incidents.

This increase in criminal activity poses a danger to the retail industry, affecting both large and small businesses alike.

Organized Retail Crime involves professional shoplifters who steal merchandise in bulk.

They then resell on the black market or online platforms.

These criminal activities not only result in substantial financial losses for retailers but also contribute to higher prices for consumers and undermine the overall safety and security of retail establishments.

Source: Thomson Reuters

2. $68,891,475,371 in goods stolen


It’s shocking to discover that a staggering $68,891,475,371 worth of goods is stolen annually.

This eye-opening statistic highlights the immense financial loss that retailers face due to theft.

The implications of this substantial figure go beyond just the monetary value of the stolen goods.

Retail theft not only affects a company’s bottom line but also leads to increased prices for consumers, loss of inventory, decreased profitability, and potential job cuts.

Source: US Chamber of Commerce

3. Losses swelled to $112.1 billion in 2022


In 2022, the landscape of retail theft took a concerning turn as losses surged to $112.1 billion.

This marked a significant 19% increase from the previous year’s figure of $93.9 billion.

These statistics enlighten us on the disturbing reality that companies face in combating the pervasive issue of theft within the retail sector.

The substantial rise in retail theft losses serves as a stark reminder of the financial strain and operational challenges that businesses must navigate as they strive to protect their merchandise and assets.

Source: Investors.com

4. Businesses lose 1.33% of sales due to retail theft


When it comes to retail theft and crime, the impact on companies is significant.

On average, businesses lose 1.33% of their sales due to retail theft.

This statistic may seem small, but when you consider the scale of the retail industry, it amounts to a substantial loss in revenue.

This loss not only affects the bottom line of establishments but also has a ripple effect on pricing, inventory management, and overall profitability.

Source: GITNUX Marketdata Report 2024

5. 88% reported shoplifters have grown more aggressive 


The rise in aggressiveness and violence among shoplifters is a concerning trend that has also been impacting the retail industry.

According to statistics, a staggering 88% of reported shoplifters have grown more aggressive and violent compared to the previous year.

This escalation in behavior poses a significant risk to both the welfare of retail employees and the overall shopping experience for customers.

As a result, retailers are increasingly focusing on training staff to handle such situations effectively.

Source: Investors.com

6. Only 1 in 48 shoplifters are caught


Unfortunately, not many of the criminals committing these crimes get arrested.

A striking statistic states that only approximately 1 in 48 shoplifters are caught.

This statistic underscores the challenges that retailers face in combating theft within their stores.

Despite the implementation of various security systems and surveillance measures, the vast majority of shoplifters manage to evade detection, leading to significant losses for retail stores.

This statistic serves as a stark reminder of the importance of investing in effective anti-theft retail devices and technologies, such as those offered by Vanguard Protex Global, to secure retail stores against the detrimental impact of shoplifting.

Source: GITNUX Marketdata Report 2024



We hope that our blog post on the alarming statistics about retail theft has shed light on the impact it has on businesses.

It is crucial for companies to be aware of these statistics in order to take necessary measures to prevent and combat retail theft effectively.

By understanding the magnitude of this issue, stores can better protect their assets, employees, and profitability.

Remember, prevention is key, and with the right strategies in place, establishments can mitigate the risks associated with retail theft.

Stay informed, stay vigilant, and safeguard your store against this pervasive threat.

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