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Dennis Smith, director of quality & safety

My brother-in-law operates several parcel delivery routes in what is considered one of the most economically distressed areas in our country.

I routinely ask him how his business volume is doing – thinking it would exhibit the same down trends as the official economic indicators. Well I was wrong. Actually, his parcel delivery volume has been increasing approximately 13 percent a year.

What is contributing to his success?  Well, here’s the long answer…

Most of us know that online buying is easy and has product cost advantages for someone trying to reduce expenses, but there is also another weapon that provides consumers with a retail tactical advantage. It’s a smart phone of course. But more specifically – price checking apps.

These downloadable apps let consumers scan/take a picture of a bar code or QR code at a retail location. The shopper can then receive instant price comparisons for that particular item. After comparing the product price, a shopper can decide to purchase it right there at the store, or they choose to buy it online – if the price savings is significant enough.

And in my brother-in-law’s opinion, it’s this increase in online buying activity that is directly and positively affecting is parcel business. So in the end, a consumer’s tactical advantage has resounding effects.

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