Apple wrapped up it’s latest media event today with a rather in-depth look at the forthcoming second installment of the iPad.

Steve Jobs was on hand, along with a few other Apple Execs to show off the most compelling features of the iPad 2.Here’s a quick rundown.

  • Much much thinner – the iPad 2 is about 30% thinner than the original – providing the perception of it being lighter (although it’s only .2 lbs lighter)
  • Much much faster – up to 2x faster CPU processing and up to 9x faster graphics – all thanks to the iPad’s new A5 dual core processor
  • The power of 2 – the new iPad will come in 2 colors, now including white. It also has 2 cameras, along with Apple’s famed FaceTime video conferencing app
  • 3 video related updates – 1. the iPad 2 will have HDMI video output up to 1080p. 2. AirPlay has been updated to allow for wireless playing of video content via your TV. 3. iMovie has been updated with new multitrack audio recording and expanded video editing functionality
  • There are numerous other updates that will surely please Apple’s growing customer base as well.

Want to learn more? Apple’s website has been updated with additional information about the new iPad 2.

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