The recent announcement by Apple introducing the cloud based data storage service iCloud marks another milestone in the evolution of mobile devices. Mobile devices? Yes, that’s what I said, mobile devices! Here’s why.

For as long as we can remember, the computer has served as our information hub. Of significant importance is the fact that until recently, only laptops afforded to the masses the ability to take their information hub with them; freeing them from the shackles of a desk and power outlet. But today it’s a different story. The laptop is bowing to the smartphone which, in turn, is winking at the tablet that is all the time smirking at the both of them! Why? Because the tablet is fast becoming the preferred portable vehicle of choice for accessing and manipulating our data from wherever we may be! Given the fact that the cloud, in this case the iCloud, promises to provide us with access to all of our data through the use of a sleek mobile device from anywhere on the earth, wouldn’t you figure that folks will gravitate towards purchasing a mobile device?

So, there you have it. That is why the iCloud is going to bring about another surge in the growth of sales of mobile devices. If you are a retailer, you best be prepared for what is about to come your way. This cloud brings with it a storm of sales! Will you be ready?

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