Barnes & Noble released specifications for it’s upcoming new Nook e-book reader today at an event in New York City.

The new Nook is slated for release on June 10. The next generation eReader is a black and white eInk reader which will please the die hard e-book lovers out there. The new device also includes a touch screen and expanded battery power – up to two months worth on a single charge – the company claims.

Probably the most notable feature of the new eReader is the fact that there will no longer be a 3G version of the non color Nooks. The devices will only have WiFi internet connection capabilities. This may instill some hostility among some of Barnes & Noble customers, however CEO William Lynch believes that most customers don’t necessarily download e-books on the go. One would suspect that not including 3G capabilities helped keep the price point rather low at $139.

The previous versions of the Nook WiFi and 3G will be relegated to the dust bin upon supplies running out.

For a full list of device features, visit the Barnes & Noble Website. What are your thoughts? Is the Nook still a Kindle contender?

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