According to a new survey commissioned by the consumer electronics site, Retrevo, consumers are ‘overwhelmingly leaning’ toward the iPad rather than a netbook.  In response to the question; Are you planning to purchase an iPad or a net book?, the survey of over 1000 respondents also found that 78 percent said they would be choosing a iPad.

When asked if they held off buying a net book until Apple CEO Steve Jobs made his much anticipated unveiling of the iPad, it was found that 30 percent of those surveyed did, wait for the announcement and eventually purchased an iPad.

It’s not all doom and gloom for the net book however, those who preferred the net book over the iPad cited the smaller footprint, lower price, and better battery life as swaying factors. Tech analysts also agree that the iPad won’t cripple net book sales – yet, mainly because of the approximately $200 gap in price.

While the price gap and battery life may be in the favor of the net book today, one has to wonder if the increased competition from new tablet computers such as the HP slate will force the cost of the tablet computer down and the battery life up.

One thing is for certain, as we head into the holiday buying season, retailers and consumers alike will be keeping a close eye on the tablet vs. netbook competition.

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