At VPG, understanding that our customers know more about their needs than we do is one of our main principles.

That is why we always collaborate with the client to find out what trials and tribulations they are facing with a particular store or a specific product.

Gearing a solution to keep their merchandise safe in a timeline that works for them is our top priority.


One Solution Does NOT Fit All



Have you been looking for a custom solution for your store, but every security provider you ask doesn’t have exactly what you want?

Trust us, we have heard this story before.

Being in this industry for so long, we know how these conversations commonly go between a retailer or carrier and other retail security companies.

It starts with you calling or sending a message, asking them, “Do you have any solutions that will fit (fill in the blank) and let our customers (fill in the blank)?”

They will usually respond with something along the lines of…

“Not quite, but we do have (fill in the blank), it is our universal solution designed for that type of product.”

After this, the story goes one of two ways…

Either you realize it isn’t what you are searching for and move on.

Or you purchase the security thinking it could work…only to quickly understand that while it does fit the product, the function or design isn’t what you want to showcase to the customer.

Repeat this process enough times, and you will discover something as we have…

Just because a company only has one option for that solution doesn’t make their solution universal. It makes them lazy.


The VPG Difference


When you talk with us, you will have a completely unique experience.

We have a dedicated support team that not only listens to your requests but also gets the ball rolling on them.

Once we figure out what you want, we will have our engineers create a draft of what the solution could potentially look like.

Remember this is a collaboration, so we will be updating you from the start of a project till it is shipped so we can have your input the whole way through.

From phones to watches and other accessories, there is no product we can’t customize our security too.

We have collaborated with some of the biggest companies in the industry, such as Verizon, Google, Motorola, and Samsung to find custom solutions to help their stores.

One concept we recently developed is a bracket for devices with flip and fold capabilities.

The client wanted to show off the color on the back of the device, so we created a minimal design for them.

The bracket edges are custom fitted to the phones while the back has pockets of space so you can see the different colors of the devices.

When we partner with a client to create a design, we want to ensure their merchandise has full articulation.

For example, with the flip/fold devices, we made sure they could still open/close with our brackets.

This would give your customers a true functionality experience.

Another point of emphasis for us is that our solutions fit discretely around the device.

As a general rule, we say, “See the product, not the security.”

In all cases, our technology is patent protected and allows for vendor cross-compatibility.




Simply put, our retailers and carriers depend on us to provide the best customizable power and security solutions in the industry.

And you can too.

We put our customers’ needs and timelines first so they can have the safest stores while never compromising on customer experience.

Let us do the same for you.

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To get a closer look at the previously mentioned custom brackets for the devices with the flip & fold capabilities, click here to view our AR!