The Droid X is that latest smartphone to hit the U.S. market, stirring up considerable buzz for the nation’s number one wireless carrier. As Verizon launches the Motorola-made and Android-powered Droid X today, one has to wonder if Apple is hearing footsteps.

With its rich array of features that thrive on the increasingly proliferated Android platform and the reliability of the Verizon network, is this launch the equivalent of a one-two punch while the iPhone 4 staggers against the ropes?

The Google – Verizon squabble over Google’s proposed bidding for valuable wireless spectrum that left Verizon feeling bitter a few years ago, seems to be in the rear view mirror for both parties. That being the case, another question arises: Does Verizon really need to offer the iPhone when their relationship with Google is apparently so strong?

While no one would challenge the fact that Apple has done remarkable things for the Smartphone category, is it reasonable to suggest that the growth of the popularity of Android phones should have Apple hearing footsteps?

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