One could say that eReaders have officially come into their own as viable consumer electronics devices. Their popularity has intensified by the likes of Amazon’s Kindle, the Sony Reader, Barnes and Noble’s Nook, the iPad and now Borders’ new Kobo.

With about 3.6 million units sold in 2009, and a projection of 6+ million units in 2010, it’s evident that the market for these products is growing tremendously. Retailers no doubt want in on the action. But retailers need to ensure the buying processes is easy for customers because they now have to wade through more models, product features and benefits to make their buying decisions.

With this in mind, retailers could benefit from:

  • Safely displaying and charging eReaders for customers to explore
  • Arming sales personnel with useful product knowledge, like: storage capacity, available titles, cost per digital book, etc.
  • Educating customers about why eReaders have a range of price points
  • Deploying digital signage solutions with informative product content

As is the case with most trendy electronics, retailers can take full advantage of the market opportunity only when they can help their customers make well-informed buying decisions.

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