OK, this may be “old news” to some, but excuse us, we’ve been a bit busy over here since our formation of Vanguard Protex Global in July.

It’s high time we tip our hat to one of our customers, Sprint. Sprint was recently recognized by the prestigious JD Power & Associates as the wireless carrier who provides the best overall customer buying experience. Way to go folks, a big shout out to Overland Park and to all of your locations nationwide…and to your web team, too! By receiving the highest ranking among full service providers in the JD Powers & Associates Wireless Purchase Experience study, Sprint demonstrated that a commitment to excellence has its reward. And we here at VPG couldn’t be more proud of their accomplishment. For three years now, it has been our good fortune to earn the ability to serve Sprint by providing to them the best anti-theft and merchandising solutions, along with the best customer service in the industry.

Is there such a thing as excellence by association? It’s time for you to find out how VPG can contribute to your excellence – just look at Sprint. Wouldn’t a JD Power & Associates Award look good in your trophy case (or maybe a couple while you’re at it)?

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