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How many times have you said, “That was great customer service!”? Probably more than you think. It’s just that we rarely relish in it because we expect it. And well we should. However, we should also share that positive experience by letting companies and their people know that we think they are doing something right. Think “Pavlov’s Dog” and reinforce that good behavior. Doing so can perpetuate great customer service.

According to many surveys, most consumers will share their negative experiences but not necessarily the positive ones. In fact, how many people, fueled by frustration and anger, will go to great lengths to call companies complaining, write letters, emails, and even blogs to try to influence potential buyers. Studies say that 85% will. But if a customer experience makes you smile, or feel good – what do you do? The studies say probably nothing.

The Holiday’s are usually a crazy, hectic and stressful time for retailers and buyers alike. Wouldn’t it be nice if your customer experience was smoother, easier or just downright more pleasant? Increase the likelihood for continued great service and share your satisfaction. And if you should experience a less than desirable situation, tell that person, or a supervisor in a constructive manner that encourages listening.

At Vanguard we’ll ensure that every time you call, you get a live person that is friendly, knowledgeable and happy to help you however we can. Try us on. Then let us know how we do.

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