How to lose a customer in 10 daysLet’s all take a second to remember one of our favorite ’03 romantic comedies, “How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days.”  As many times as the film had us bursting in laughter, it also taught us just as many times what not to do in a relationship. Now let’s take a step forward to today. There’s a new kind of relationship up for discussion- the business/consumer relationship.

It can take years to build strong relationships and lasting credibility with your customers. In the retail industry, the challenge to maintain lasting loyal relations lies within both the corporate and store levels. Being aware of the most common occurrences is what will help prevent traffic loss. It’s indeed a turning point in a business person’s life when they release what they thought was helping their business thrive was actually hurting not only their profit and reputation, but also their career.

The three customer-losing retail mistakes you DON’T want to make:

  1. Push too hard to grow existing customer revenue. “So, wait, guys DON’T want me to call them 82 times until they pick up… interesting…” What a revelation. Just like your partner in your romantic relationship, your customers don’t want you to be overbearing either. New cutting edge marketing strategies have made streamlining the promotion and sales process even easier; naturally improving revenue growth.
  2. Make problem resolution painful. “The customer is always right.” A common term we hear in the retail industry. Make a customer always feel as if their concerns are being heard. Seemingly streamlining the problem resolution process is one of the most beneficial relationship nurturing factors.
  3. Don’t invest in customer engagement. Sure, saving money is important. But saving money at the expense of customer engagement can be dangerous. The latest innovations at the forefront of display and security technology now include techniques that not only increase sales, but also customer engagement. Utilizing these innovations in your store design is crucial to investing in customer appeal.

With the above “what-not-to-dos” in mind, you will be right on your way to perfecting your business/consumer relationship management strategy.

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