I noticed lately that there’s a lot of buzz surrounding Apple’s iPhone 4, but, can we get back to discussing the iPad for a minute, please? I miss the iPad mania!

The iPad, as we all know by now, has the capability of doing every cool thing imaginable, except for granting three wishes and printing money in the currency or your choice. So, what are some of the unique ways that the iPad is being pressed into duty? Recently, there have been reports that the iPad has been spotted hard at work in such diverse environments as quick serve restaurants, DJ booths and hospital operating rooms. That’s right, hospital operating rooms.

How does a quick serve restaurant (QSR) integrate the iPad into day to day operations or the customer experience? Is the iPad the restaurant menu of the future that allows you to place your order, too? Hmmm, a tempting thought. What unique ways have you learned of or experienced firsthand involving an unconventional use of Apple’s iPad?

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