While the world digested the recent announcement from the Apple Worldwide Developer’s Conference regarding the planned arrival of the iPhone 4G, we at Vanguard Products Group began to develop an impressive way to power and secure this best in class product.

With a stunning display, sleek form factor and engaging applications, especially the cool FaceTime feature, the iPhone 4 is yet another gem from the Apple product line that will invite customers to fully experience the product at the point of sale.

That’s why Vanguard is fast at work perfecting a power and alarm system that will compliment this beauty and permit customer playtime without concern of threat from shoplifters.

Vanguard focuses on creating consumer electronic security solutions that allow the product to be the star of the show.

With the new iPhone 4G from Apple on its way to market later this year, we at Vanguard are ready to be a proud member of the supporting cast.

At VPG, we want to make sure that you have a variety of solutions from which to choose. From line alarm to stand alone security systems, our phone solutions offer an assortment of display, structure, and security options to meet your needs.

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