We are the industry leader in patented security solutions for mobile phones. Our mission at VPG is “to offer customers an outstanding product at a fair price, deliver it on time, and offer the best customer service in our industry.” The iPhone 5 launch was a true testament to our mission statement.

Apple often keeps most of the details of a new product launch secret until launch day. The new iPhone 5 was no different. Rumor and speculation infiltrated the web but the iPhone 5 was truly a mystery until it was available in store.

Operating with little information, we prepared as best we could for launch. In a little under a week we were able to accomplish a lot. We created several new solutions for high profile customers retrofitting thousands of merchandised positions, not to mention installation documentation and internal customer care training information to support those new solutions. More impressive would be our production department. They were able to build, pack, label and ship packages at an average rate 560% above their normal PER DAY rate with little to no error AND without impacting currently scheduled store openings and daily operations. Within a week we were able to offer our customers an outstanding product to secure the mysterious iPhone 5 at a fair price. We were able to deliver it on time and we were able to provide the best customer service to support installation and deployment of the new device.

Pictured above is our newest LV Cord Reel option including the multi positioning D Sensor and secondary security bracket. Interested in the best way to secure your iPhone 5? Whether you require a security bracket or even to lock down your iPhone 5, we have the parts and pieces to help. Our sales team would be happy to create a custom solution for you. Call us now at 1-877-477-4874 for a consultation and quote.

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