Allow me to state the obvious: the iPad and the iPad2 have created quite a stir since their respective release dates. And if you’ve got your hands on one of these beauties, then I’m sure you are among those singing the praises of this little marvel.

After speaking with some folks who have jumped aboard the iPad train, I’ve begun to notice a pattern in the comments they share about their iPad experience. While the design (sleek), weight (light) and display (mind blowing) each make substantial contribution, I’d argue that based upon what I’ve learned, it’s the apps that deliver the real “wow”.

As with any application it really comes down to one of two things: 1. The app that helps to make you more productive or 2. The fun app. So, after giving it some more thought, I began to imagine the apps I’d want to have in order to customize my iPad life. Of course, I’d want those productive apps, you know the ones that can make you feel as though a purchase of this nature is more than just a really expensive “cool toy.” I want my e-mail! And I want to be able to print those messages that require a hard copy for archiving purposes – or hanging on the refrigerator. Keep me organized, show me my calendar! Can I use this thing to make a phone call? Sure I can – even if I fore go the 3G versions and opt for the Wi-Fi models, thanks to our friends at Skype! Given that short list, I’d consider myself made more productive by the iPad in my life.

Now, as for the fun portion, I’ll admit that fun is subjective. For me, it’s about books and baseball. Fortunately, the app gods have smiled favorably upon me. I can stock the shelves of my bookstore and catch tons of live baseball games throughout the summer. Ahhh, I can taste the lemonade now.

How about you? Whether real or imagined, what does your iPad look like? Are you the type to load it up with productivity apps or are you leaning towards the fun apps?

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