Never have these words seemed so relevant as they do today when I think of our personal electronic devices. From cell phones and iPods to laptops and netbooks, as well electronic tablets, everyone seems connected.

I moved this year from a simple cell phone (you know the ones that you make and receive calls with) to one that emails, browses and keeps you up-to-date with Facebook. It has taken me some time, but I am learning what a great tool it is. I can check to see what restaurants are in the next town while I am on the road. I can check the weather in Arkansas and find out what is happening in my niece’s life there.

Yes, it took me weeks to get a handle on all this available information and how to connect to it but I am from the generation that had to learn how to use computers after I left school. But I did learn and even though I am approaching my late fifties, there will be even more new devices to make an impact in our lives and I look forward to all of them.

Now of course things are different for my 7-year-old granddaughter. From the age of 2, when she traveled with us she had one of those children’s electronic toys that taught her colors, shapes and letters. From that first device, she graduated to Leap Frog and V-Tech and today it is Sony PlayStation and Wii. I know there are those who do not believe that these devices have educational value, but I can attest that they do. Her latest tool is her iPad. She is an avid reader at a 4th grade reading level and she can now read even more on her iPad. She plays piano and even has an app to practice with. She quickly mastered her iPad and is quick to “show me” how to do something on it.

Yes, there is always something new to learn and technology is ever-changing. I know that for me it is better when I embrace it with the enthusiasm of a 7 year old and accept that I am never too old to learn, it just might take me a little longer.

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