The iPhone –  Love it. Want it. Can’t wait to own one. There you have perhaps the most common sentiment to be found among those in the market for a mobile device. But wait a minute. If we focus only on one device, don’t we as consumers run the risk of possibly overlooking another device that might have something good to offer?

So, lest we forget the multitude of iPhone alternatives, I submit for your review the HTC Thunderbolt. The word around the campfire is that this smartphone offers a lightning fast experience for those using it on the 4G LTE network. Supposedly, the Thunderbolt is rising in popularity as some sales reports indicate that it is outselling the iPhone in certain retail locations. Hmmm. Add that to the talk that an iPhone 5 release may be delayed until next year and who knows if smartphones like the Thunderbolt are a sign of things to come.

All that being said, I continue to share the sentiment of those whose thoughts center on the following refrain: The iPhone – Love it. Want it. Can’t wait to own one. How about you? Are you ready for the HTC Thunderbolt or are you leaning toward the iPhone?

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