Although worldwide sales of PC’s are expected to grow by about 16 percent next year, research firm Gartner expects media tablets to take a 10 percent bite of sales from PC’s by 2014.

In a report issued in September, Gartner projected PC sales to grow about 18% next year, but have since downgraded that projection due to the influx of new tablets to the market. Furthermore, sales of desktop and laptop computers will also be affected by the growing sales of smartphones in the coming years, according to Gartner.

Are PCs and laptops going the way of the electric typewriter? After all, Samsung announced late last week that they have sold over 1 million units of their Galaxy tablet worldwide.

I hardly doubt the desktop computer’s demise anytime soon – with their ability to handle large processing needs, gaming/media, along with personal and business applications. But laptops on the other hand….their fate may soon be sealed.

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