In a recent press release, business research firm Gartner projected that worldwide mobile voice and data revenue will top one trillion dollars by the year 2014.

This is an astonishing figure, yet for some reason, not very surprising.

According to their research, most of the global revenue growth will be perpetuated by sales of feature phones and related service, as opposed to smartphone and data plans. This is due to the growing demand in emerging markets. However, smartphones, tablets and eReaders will help buoy mobile revenue growth in established markets.

Driving growth in the business sector, Gartner believes that smartphones and laptops will remain “the dominate corporate mobile devices” in the foreseeable future, despite the gaining popularity of media tablet computers.

In both our personal and business lives, constant communication and information consumption is ubiquitous. And we seem to be getting to a point where we want a multitude of mobile devices, performing a variety of functions, to help us complete more and more tasks, in multiple locations,  and at different times of the day – depending on the weather.

No wonder it’s going to be a trillion dollar business in four short years!

So, as we continue to parlay specific communication tasks to different devices, we are advancing an-ever expanding world of mobile communication. A trillion dollar one.

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