Numerous reports point to the fact that the consumer electronics market is on the brink of becoming flooded this holiday season with dedicated eReaders. While some might say the dedicated eReader has the potential to go the way of the dinosaur, there are those among us that choose to disagree.

The dedicated eReader offers some distinct advantages over the growing array of tablets that are entering the market. Of course, chief among these tablets is the iPad. There is little fault to be found with the iPad and I am eager to get my paws on one someday (two cameras, and FaceTime capability will be my personal deciding factors). However, while the tablet does a capable job as an e-reader, some cite the “always connectedness” of the tablet to be a periodic drag on the reading experience. With a dedicated eReader, you can enjoy your reading experience without contending with distractions of inbound Facebook updates or other prompts and messages automatically delivered to you on a tablet. Additionally, and perhaps more importantly, the LCD screen of today’s tablets is proven to be comparatively more stressful to the eyes when compared to the screens of dedicated eReader devices. Finally, when considering personal reading habits, an edge is given to the dedicated eReader because it is lighter in weight than a tablet – providing a more comfortable reading experience for those who read in bed.

Don’t get me wrong, there could very well exist room enough in the market place for both products to thrive. Like most circumstances, the market will help guide the manufacturers. In this case, the manufacturers will need to react by determining if the public wants a one trick pony (albeit a very interesting pony) represented by the dedicated eReader or the Swiss army knife-like capabilities of the tablet. How about you? Pony or that Swiss army knife?

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