Many stores have witnessed the effects of ineffective adhesive bonds on their devices.

This leads to false alarms to unsecure devices to even theft.

With VPG’s Adhesive Series, our goal is to help you secure your devices with some of today’s best solutions.

Before we start with the list, however, here are some good guidelines to follow when effectively installing anything with an adhesive element.

These tips are proven to strengthen your adhesive bond and, in some cases, are all you may need to help solve the adhesion problem:

  • Before applying any adhesive, please keep in mind that heat (whether it be ambient or from the device) plays a major role in the effectiveness of that adhesive. For optimal adhesive bond, display devices in a cool, dry area.
  • Never reapply a used adhesive. When remerchandising, add a new adhesive on the security sensor before adhering it to the new phone.
  • Clean the back of the phone before applying the adhesive. Use an alcohol pad on the surface and then immediately wipe dry with a paper towel.
  • Hold the sensor firmly down for 30 seconds when applying the adhesive bond. That way, the adhesive has enough pressure to attach fully to the surface.
  • Give the adhesive security at least 24 hours before customer interactions. The adhesive needs that time to properly bond to the device; if that is not given, there is a higher chance of adhesive failure.

That’s it for now!

Join us next week for our next addition to our Adhesive Series, “Solution #1: Primer Sticks”.

See you then!

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