In a recent article (pdf) in Retail Solutions Online, Frank Mayer associate Andrew Govek outlines his view into the keys to securing display iPads and tablets in retail environments.

He states, “Securing vulnerable electronics at retail removes a ripe source of temptation. At the same time, retailers must balance the need for secure merchandising against the desire for customers to experience products in authentic ways. Safely displaying electronics, especially the latest drivers of in-store traffic, requires consideration and planning.”

Govek goes on to outline his two simple guidelines to follow when securing tablets. They are:

1. Alter the product as little as possible

2. Secure the product used for demonstration in the most unobtrusive and purposeful way

This may seem easy at first but with tablets having a minimalist form factor, it can be hard to secure the device without detracting from it’s attractive design. But an iPad and tablet retail security solution from Vanguard does just that.

Our field-proven VoltTM solution has been safely securing electronics products for years, with the largest selection of sleek display pedestal options available today. If you want to safely display your iPads and tablets for customers to explore, contact us today to learn more about our solutions. Or call 877-477-4874.

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