VPG EuroShop Booth

VPG EuroShop Booth

The world’s top retail trade fair – EuroShop – was recently held Feb. 16 – 20 in Düsseldorf, Germany, and VPG exhibited for the first time. EuroShop occurs every three years and features vendors and products from all aspects of the retail atmosphere. The attendance has grown with each show, and this year was no different. The trade fair boasted more than 2,300 exhibitors from 57 nations and welcomed more than 94,000 visitors from 142 countries.

The VPG team were rock stars when it came to planning and executing everything needed to make a successful show. With a couple wrenches thrown in, the team worked hard and were diligent in preparing the booth, products, logistical items and more. Everyone came together and created a fantastic space that received many compliments from visitors and fellow exhibitors. The booth design and layout were different than anything we’ve done previously. The layout made you feel like you entered a storefront and highlighted our individual products in their own unique way.

Throughout the five day event, David, Felipe, Rob and Sebastian spoke with and introduced our security solutions to more than a few hundred people. The response was overwhelmingly great. On display were more than 35 of our retail display security solutions to which visitors interacted with daily. Our superior sales team secured the new fold-able Moto RAZR phone to display on our Titan, which became a huge talking point. The phone alone attracted people to our booth, which, in turn, provided our sales team the opportunity to connect with potential customers and demonstrate our security solutions.

One thing Rob noted from EuroShop was that VPG “is positioned far better globally than anticipated – this in terms of design, capability, options…”

The experience and knowledge brought back will surely be an asset as we continue to pursue the connections we made at EuroShop throughout the year and look ahead to the next. EuroShop 2020 was one for the books and hopefully we can attend in 2023!