Last week HP announced their new Envy 17 3D laptop, along with their other new notebooks and netbooks that will be available this fall. Sony also recently introduced their 3D Vaios, which will be available in spring 2011.

This latest category of laptops also include Blue-ray players, accelerated graphics, premiere audio packages and the option to connect and easily view that 3D media on your TVs around you house.

Though all of this doesn’t appear to be a giant leap forward exactly, rather an inevitable one. The reason? As consumer electronics product categories continue to overlap and expand in functionality, manufacturers are trying to discern exactly what it is that consumers want out of them. And I think that 3D media viewing is definitely one of them.

Laptops continue to be an integral part of student and business life for sure – performing work tasks such as project management, documentation, design and financial management among countless others. But they are also personal, portable multi-media treasure chests for artists, musicians, audio lovers, movie fanatics, gamers and so many others.

It’s these users that continue to look at notebooks as the perfect consumer electronic device. They’re infinitely feeding off the delectable treats that manufacturers continue to serve on the smorgasbord of laptop functions, including this latest hit: 3D laptop. And oh what a feast it is.

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