OK, here is a leap in cultural references that should find a nice spot to hit the ground with a thud.

For those of you who may not know this bit of history – do they teach this stuff any longer? – a Model-T was the car made famous by Henry Ford. It was made famous predominantly because it was the first example in the U.S. auto industry of the virtues of mass production. The mass production manufacturing process resulted in a lower priced car that more folks could afford and a vast market (and all that came with it) was born. One thing consumers at that time had to keep in mind: you could have the car in any color you’d like, as long as that color was black! The car was not available in any other color. Could you imagine??

Fast forward, dear reader. The iPhone (love it, want it, can’t wait to get one) despite its many wonders does have one thing in common with the Model-T, it is available in any color you’d like, as long as that color is black! Until today.

That’s right, the iPhone 4 is now available in white! Not just any white, but that super clean, ever so sleek looking white that Apple is famous for. Would this be enough to get some of those Apple iPhone fence sitters to take the plunge and order an iPhone 4 now that it is available in white? We’ll just have to wait and see. How about you? Now that the iPhone is available in white, are you going to pick one up?

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