TECHNOLOGYI wouldn’t be in this industry if I was not charmed by technology and the potential that it brings to consumers and the business world. However, what many people fail to see is that there is also a risk associated with the allure of technology and the enchantment that it brings to the retail community. The power of science, computers and automation persuades us vendors to focus all of our efforts on what is the most obvious “innovative improvement” to a situation. But in reality, technology alone is not the miracle medicine that makes a device ingenious; it is in fact the thought that goes behind it.

In my own experience, the trick to creating the ultimate retail security solution lies in creating a symbiotic relationship with consumers, our retailers, and the tools of technology that tie it all together.  Without the insight of our customers and the consumer world, it is impossible to create a retail security solution that will make the right impression on the industry.

Utilizing these three relationships is something that I strongly believe in, but I often see companies only utilizing one or maybe two parts of the equation. You need all three and here is why:

Without consumers there is no industry

There is no app that tells you what consumers are looking for or what environment they want to shop in. There is no technology that tells you the difficulties they face and the opportunities they wish to have. Analyzing your competitors’ every move will not make you an expert on what consumers are looking for. The only way to become a leader in the industry is to develop relationships with your customers and front-line consumers. By establishing symbiotic relationships with our customers and their consumers, we can create the ultimate product that will reform the retail security industry.

Technology doesn’t protect you, we do

Our goal above all is to make sure our customers’ stores are protected and in good hands. Many times companies get caught up in the latest fashions such as wireless technologies and portable trends, but they miss the bullseye on the security target. We cannot compromise quality for design, but we can create a solution that satisfies the wants of today’s consumers and the needs of our customers through collaboration and the tools that technology has given us to result in a polished and efficient product.

I encourage retailers, vendors, and distributors to choose a security partner that will drive the movement of technological advancement to consumer satisfaction to the next level. By doing this, you will find a security partner that will result in bringing you the most success for your business. And to make things easier, we created Vanguard Protex Global to serve that purpose.