It was not too long ago when devices like a personal computer or cell phone were relevant for at least six months to a year. Even accessories like a cell phone case and charger would last for a couple of years. Today, technology is moving at such a fast rate that at the time a new device is released, the next two generations are right behind them ready to launch. Shoppers be ready – laptops, net books, tablets, e-readers, smart phones, GPS devices, Compact DSLRs, and Mini HD Camcorders are just a few devices where many share the same functions.

As a result, retailers have had to play roulette with what to put on the shelf and how much stock to inventory in an attempt to make educated guesses on what will move. Beyond just the inventory forecasting, just finding a place to display these new models in the store can be a challenge.

Logic would lead you to believe that with the merger of devices, meaning, your cell phone is everything but a blender – that the total amount of devices would be on the decline and retailers would have more space for display.

The reality is that just because categories like “point and shoot” cameras may be on the decline, there are 10 new devices for each discontinued item to replace them on the display. Interestingly enough, there are also more CE players today that are fighting to get that same shelf space as they expand into new categories.

Securing these devices can also be a challenge. The phones and cameras of today have new shapes, new sensors, new stick free surfaces, all of which present the display and security world with a constant test of finding new ways to secure them while still delivering the active consumer experience.

Swift to adapt to the speed of device launches, Vanguard Protex Global is consistently modifying our product lines to work with these products before they even hit the shelf. For years our engineers have worked directly with the CE manufacture to help expedite the process. As a result, we have always met our customer’s launch dates and made product updates as the devices changed.

One can only imagine what tomorrow’s devices will bring, but if today is any sign of the future, there is no slowing down for retailers or their display partners like Vanguard Protex Global.

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