I thought of a good analogy (at least in my opinion) for what we do for retailers and wireless carriers here at VPG. So please – humor me.

Not too long ago, a friend and I were going out for the afternoon. But before we left my friend’s house, he turned to his sister and reminded her not to lock him out of the house. She acknowledged his request and we then proceeded on our way.

When we returned to his house there was a note taped to the door that said in big bold letters “Key under mat.” And sure enough the door key was under the mat in front of the door – right below the note!

She made good on her promise not to lock out her brother, but what she did not realize was she provided an opportunity for a crime by providing an easy way for a would-be-burglar to gain access to their home. Oops!

Jefferson County Colorado Sheriff‘s Office reports on their website:  A crime of opportunity consists of three elements: opportunity, desire and ability. To thwart this type of crime, you need to remove one of these three elements – opportunity.

Now for the analogy – VPG specializes in taking out the “opportunity” in a crime of opportunity by providing retailers and wireless carriers with time-tested retail security solutions for the demo CE products. It’s important to ensure that would-be-thieves are adequately deterred enough to not even try to shoplift your products. Then they can move on to the next retailer who is still leaving the key under the door mat.

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