Think back to when you were a kid. Periodically you would encounter some minor malady for which the remedy was a pill. Some of these pills were small and delightful – remember those orange flavored children’s aspirin? – but as we advance in age we no longer take only pills. As we grow into adulthood, the packaging announces that we are no longer taking a pill, we have graduated to where we are required to take a tablet – just read your allergy medicine if you don’t believe me.

And now, in an incredible turn of events, we humans have become both the consumer and the “consumee” when it comes to tablets. Folks, take notice of the headlines today and you’ll see that we continue to be consumed by tablets! The iPad 2, the Galaxy Tab, the Motorola Xoom, the forthcoming Blackberry Playbook…is there no end in sight? Lately I feel as though it’s a freakin’ tablet onslaught against which there is no known defense!

Despite this, I say, bring it on! Let’s see what the manufacturers have up their collective sleeves. And guys, while you’re at it, can you let me in on the secret to superior battery life? Honestly, now that these devices have the vast capabilities they have been designed to support, my concern turns to the battery. Will I have enough juice to make it through the day? Will I be able to utilize all of the cool functions? Perform the cool tricks. Now that there is no more shuttle to launch, I guess I can scratch that off of my list of product expectations, but if I’m a die-hard gamer, will I achieve super-stardom?

What’s been your experience? Have you become consumed by a tablet from which there is no escape? If so, perhaps a lapse in battery power is the only hope we have if we wish to be more than spectators in this sport called life.

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