Surely by now you have heard the buzz. You’ve probably been invited to the trade shows and various seminars on the topic and seen systems deployed throughout various and diverse public settings like airports, retailers and quick serve restaurants. And you may have even asked yourself if a compelling digital signage solution is right for you. But how do you know for sure?  How do you begin to identify whether a digital signage solution makes sense for your business? Here are some basic rules for you to keep in mind when weighing your decision.

Rule One:  Digital signage content should differentiate and inform.

Are you encouraging your customers to “try before they buy?”  After all, we’ve all read the reports that state how product demonstration increases sales by double-digit percentages.  It’s important to know that digital signage provides an excellent medium for attracting customers to your products in order to get them to handle the items and explore their features.  Once the customer picks up that product and learns of the features and benefits communicated using a digital signage system that presents a clear message using simple digital signage content, you can almost hear the sound of the cash register ringing up sales.  Could your business benefit from a lift in sales due to increased product demonstrations?

Rule Two: Digital signage content ensures a consistent sales message.

All too often we encounter the same uncomfortable feeling when shopping for a new electronic device: Am I getting the most accurate information about this product in order to make an informed purchase?  Of course, we want to feel confident that the sales rep knows their stuff when answering a question, but what if that sales rep isn’t up to speed?   Will I buy the wrong smartphone for my needs? Is this digital SLR camera right for me?  While knowledge levels may vary among store personnel, the same cannot be said about the information presented through a digital signage system.  Digital signage content allows you to present the exact same message every time a customer interacts with your products.  No more wondering if the sales rep knows the details of the latest promotion or how to tell the difference between the latest offerings from Canon, Olympus and Sony. Would your customers appreciate consistent and accurate product information?

Rule Three: Digital signage solutions are not a “one size fits all” proposition.

Regardless of the size of your organization, the number of stores you operate or the number of staff per location, a digital signage solution can be designed to best suit your needs. Today there are many offerings on the market for digital signage solutions ranging from multi-location, multi-screen, web based networks to simple plug-and-play solutions that are ready right out of the box.  There is no need to feel as though a digital signage solution isn’t right for you.  It is important that you consider the options that are available to you in order to develop the system that will work within your needs and your budget.  Have you considered the cost effective options that are available to you?

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