Pivot. Point.

There’s little doubt that tablet devices have captured the attention of consumers by offering a broad array of features.

One of the most captivating features of the tablet is the ability for images, movies and the web to adjust to the orientation of the screen. But how do the best retailers show off this feature while offering optimal security for the device? Now, there’s a display system that shows off this feature without compromising the security level required on the sales floor. Introducing the PivotTM tablet display system from VPG.

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The unique design of the Pivot allows customers to explore the features of the device whether in portrait or landscape mode. And the self-centering technology found in the Pivot ensures that the tablet automatically returns to a position that encourages customer interaction each and every time. The Pivot from VPG – Now that’s picture perfect.

Contact us today to learn how we can put the Pivot to work for you. The Pivot from VPG is expected to ship in June.

Having a hard time viewing the video above? View or download the file here (96 MB).

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