retail security

Sometimes searching for a retail security provider can be an information overload. Because of this, it is easy for companies to make mistakes when choosing their security solutions.  For a little know-how, here is a look at some of the most common mistakes that are made in the retail security industry:

Not buying retail security for the future

Will the retail security solutions you are purchasing today power and secure the devices you foresee in the future? If you are not asking yourself this, than you are doing yourself a disfavor. Many companies today forget to think outside of the box and consider the future. Here at VPG, we want our products to protect you as long as they properly suit your inventory. Ask one of our sales experts what they recommend for your present and future devices.

Not considering customer service

Don’t assume big names mean great service. Make sure you choose your retail security partner with the level of their customer service in mind. Although issues may not happen often, it is imperative to know there is someone on your side in the event that one does arise. Does the retail security company you are choosing have the means to answer your questions promptly and correct problems in a timely manner? Although most providers advertise excellent customer service, such claims do not guarantee that you will receive fast and effective support. Remember to test the customer service level with a few questions to the sales or customer support team before establishing a business relationship.

Not checking referrals from other users

Think of your retail security company as a business partner you are hiring to help create the ultimate customer experience. You would not want to partner with someone that is untrustworthy, right? This leads into one of the biggest and most common mistakes that companies make today when choosing their retail security partners. Most often, companies make their decisions without checking referrals from other users and the result is unfavorable. The best judge of a retail security company is a business who has worked with them before. Use those networking skills and ask someone before diving into a purchase.

Not realizing your current retail security solution is outdated

Just as it is easy to ignore the latest update on your iPhone, it is easy to overlook the newest solutions released for retail security. One of the easiest ways to keep your products safe is to keep up with the latest solutions as they become available. Not only will it improve your security, it will continue to keep your store looking fresh and trendy. In turn, you will be attracting new customers and preventing crime. Sounds like a double whammy, huh?

Steering clear of these retail security mistakes can save you time and money in the long run.

Reach out to our sales and product experts to learn more.