An article in the EE/Times News & Analysis reports, Deepu Talla, general manager of Texas Instruments inc., while at the International Data Corp. (IDC) Smart Technology World conference in San Francisco (April 19), as saying,  “At the end of the day, user experience is what sells,”  the article goes to state “few people know much about the technology inside Apple’s A4 of A5 processors, but the iPhones and iPads they power are near universally praised for the user experience that they provide.”

When you personally observe, encounter, or undergoing something, it can be said you have experienced it.

Ever hear of the saying: “you touch it – you buy it.” Anyone traveling abroad learns quickly not to handle merchandise from a street vendor because of the cultural understanding you touch it – you bought it.

An Ohio State University study suggest that just handling an item on a store shelf for as little as 30 seconds can create a feeling of ownership, producing a willingness to go to greater lengths to keep it. This is the type of experience our retail security solutions provide our customers every day.

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