As eReaders have gained tremendous popularity over the past few years, many library administrators have been inundated with a variety of e-book related requests from their patrons. People want answers to questions like:

• Does the library rent or check out eReaders?
• If so, how can I check out a book using my eReader?
• How do I read e-books on my laptop or tablet computer?
• And many more…

To proactively engage their patrons with all things eReader-related, the Columbus Ohio Metropolitan Library deployed an eReader initiative, complete with informational stations designed to put e-book readers in patrons’ hands, without fear of having them stolen.

The electronic system looked to Vanguard for a solution that would allow them to make the initiative successful. In turn, the Columbus Metropolitan Libraries now have six eReader stations throughout their system. And their program has become a benchmark for other libraries throughout the country.

To learn more about the Columbus Library System eReader program, visit their website.

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