Verizon Next Generation Security Installation


CR338-UTC or Titan L2QD (High Security)

The CR338-UTC and the Titan L2QD use a V-39 power supply and secure phones and tablets. Remove the covers of the power supply holders on the fixture to reveal the power strip and plug in the security.

When arming and disarming the CR338-UTC, point your keyfob at the right side of the pedestal above the panel.


Verizon Magazine Fixture

Product Removal

To remove the product from the cord reel, disarm the system with your keyfob. Then, place the VP-1446 magnet tool in the groove on the boot of the sensor. You may hear a “click”, twist the sensor off the cord reel.

After 3 minutes, the CR338 will automatically re-arm itself with a low-toned beep indicating the pedestal is secure; and the sensor is not. For overnight storage, store the device with the sensor attached or provide the device for customer interaction. The sensor will automatically re-arm when reconnected to the pedestal.

Verizon Magazine Fixture

System Shutdown

Unplug the CR338-UTC from external power. Using the SmartTime™ keyfob, hold the disarm button for several seconds. When the system is shut down, you will hear a descending tone, and all the LEDs will be off.




Titan L2QD-Ver

VPG-Titan L2QD-Vertical

SmartTime™ Keyfob