Verizon Next Generation Security Installation


Verizon Spotlight Fixture

Horizontal Shelves

CR338 and Titan L2QD are commonly used on the back shelf of the fixture to secure phones & tablets. The CR338 gets mounted with the K-1106, and TITAN L2QD uses the K-1120. The power cables can thread down through the slots in the fixture and out the bottom of the platform.


Verizon Spotlight Fixture

Angled Panels

CR338-UTC and Titan L2QD vertical are used on the angled panels outlined in blue at the top of the page to secure phones and tablets. Remove the fixture panel to reveal the V-39 power supply holder, the power strip, and then plug in the security. When arming and disarming the CR338-UTC, point your keyfob at the pedestal above        the fixture.


Verizon Spotlight Fixture

The Duo v2 can be used to secure 2 products on the fixture or any other area where power isn’t available or required.

When arming and disarming the Duo v2, make sure to place the keyfob directly on the IR lens on the top of the alarm. To save battery life, sensors do not light up unless there is an alarm.


Titan L2QD-Ang Ver

VPG - Titan L2QD

SmartTime™ Keyfob