Verizon Next Generation Security Installation


EnCore Placement

EnCore is mounted inside the fixture by removing the back panel.

The power strip is located above the EnCore in the image shown below.

Verizon Wall Fixture

IR Extender Cable (KF-1102)

The IR extender cables feed out the mouse holes in the fixture as shown in the image to the left.

Adhere the IR receiver dome underneath the bottom of each shelf.

Point your keyfob in the general area of the IR receiver dome to arm and disarm the EnCore inside the wall fixture.

Verizon Wall Fixture

CR361, Titan L2, Titan L2QD

CR361, Titan L2, and Titan L2QDs are used to secure phones and tablets on the bottom 2 shelves.

The K-1106 mounting kit is used on this fixture to secure phones and tablets.

Their power cables exit out of the rear of the pedestal and feed underneath the panel.

Verizon Wall Fixture


VPG - CR361

Titan L2-Ang

VPG-Titan L2-Angled

Titan L2QD-Ang

VPG - Titan L2QD - Angled

IR Keyfob

VPG - IR Keyfob