Verizon Smart Store Security Installation



Best Practices

How to Remove Front Panel

Lift, then pull the front panel to remove from the fixture.

Phone & Tablet Security

CR338 positions will adhere to the top of the Smart Freestanding or Smart Wall Mounted Home Services shelf.

Verizon - Home Services 1

Ensure the tamper switch is depressed and properly aligned prior to securing the pedestal in place.

Verizon Smart Store - CR338 Alignment

Accessory Security

The EnCore can be placed in the bottom of the fixture behind the removable panel on the side wall.

Verizon - Home Services 2

Ensure the tamper switch is depressed prior to securing the EnCore in place.

Verizon - EnCore Bottom View

IR Extender Cable (KF-1102)

The IR extender cable is used to extend the EnCore receiver.

Feed the cable up through the fixture slot and adhere the dome to the top shelf close to the edge of the slot.

Verizon - Home Services 3

When it’s plugged in, you will see a green light illuminated on the dome.

To arm and disarm the EnCore alarm, point the IR keyfob at the dome.


Sensors can route behind the shelf, and up through the slot.

Micro-USB, Type-C, and X-Sensors feed up through the fixture and plug in, or adhere to products.

Up to 5 sensors are used with the EnCore. Typically, you will not use all 5.

Verizon - Sensors

Power Supply

The power cable can be routed behind the shelf and plugged into the power supply behind the panel at the bottom of the fixture.

Verizon - Home Services 4



VPG - CR338

EnCore v2

Omni Watch

VPG - Slim Wearable Sensor