If you didn’t receive our emails and you didn’t read our blog “Lights, Camera, Daguerreotypes!” you may not know that Vanguard Protex Global attended PMA@CES this year. In January 2012, the Photo Marketing Association (PMA) teamed up with the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) to put on an event where innovation and technology thrive. Our team was on site for the duration of the show with a very specific mission; gather pertinent and innovative information for the New Year and also showcase our power and alarm solutions.

Vanguard Protex Global (VPG) offers a wide variety of retail security solutions to accommodate an ever expanding consumer electronics market. One of the benefits of working with VPG is our patented cord reel solution that powers AND secures your device. Digital cameras, cell phones, smartphones, laptops, netbooks, ultrabooks, tablets, GPS units and even the new “i’m Watch” can be protected, powered and displayed for the consumer to play with. (The i’m Watch is essentially a phone on your wrist. It works with the Android system via Bluetooth. Check it out by clicking here.) Our team was tasked with the responsibility to seek out the newest innovations and document what may be released over the next twelve months or so. This gives our customers an edge so that when the “i’m Watch” is finally released in the consumer retail market our engineering team can be a step ahead of the game in powering the device.

Some of the new gadgetry on display at this year’s show included; a new camera lineup from Canon, a Xyborg tablet from Motorola, a 3D camera from Panasonic, a phone/tablet hybrid from Samsung, a plethora of ultrabooks and a brand new trade show booth from VPG! We have learned a lot at the 2012 International Consumer Electronics Show. PMA@CES has offered up some great new innovations and we can’t wait until they hit the retail market. For more information about how to power and protect your gadgets, contact us or click here to check out the VPG Volt system.

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