The employment situation in the United States is beginning to show signs of improvement. But for some members of our society, the unemployment numbers are almost twice as high as the general public. You may find it most concerning to learn that the segment being referred to is that of the members of the military returning to the United States after completing service in the current wars. Faced with this staggering statistic, it was just about one year ago that the US Chamber of Commerce (USCOC) set out to establish a program intended to aid those veterans returning from current wars. “Hiring Our Heroes” is a program developed by the USCOC that is centered on helping veterans and their spouses find opportunities for long term domestic employment. A statement on the USCOC website gets right to the point: “Our aggressive agenda focuses on one measure of success; jobs for the one million unemployed veterans in America.” With this goal in mind, the USCOC set out to create a series of job fairs in one hundred cities throughout the United States. For a complete list of job fair dates and locations please visit the Hiring Our Heroes website.

During a recent stop in Tampa, Florida, Vanguard Protex Global was onsite to participate in this initiative. On Thursday, February 23, the Hiring Our Heroes job fair took place in the Bayanihan Arts and Events Center in Tampa. There was a constant stream of activity at the event and the Vanguard Protex Global booth received its fair share of inquiries from many interested and capable professionals. When the day’s activities concluded, the VPG representative possessed both a profound sense of pride for having participated in the event as well as brief case full of resumes and applications!

If your organization is searching for skilled and qualified professionals possessing the individual characteristics that help to create strength in your workforce, then we would encourage you to visit the USCOC website to learn more about the Hiring Our Heroes program. Perhaps together we can do our small part in helping to provide an employment opportunity to some of those Americans who have done so much for us here at home.

Are there employment opportunities in your organization? If so, please visit the USCOC website today to learn more about the Hiring Our Heroes program.

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