Costco buys in volume and passes the savings on to its club members; that is the key to their successful business model. Digital cameras are one of the profitable categories that contribute to their financial success.

Costco buys its cameras by the pallet. The easiest and most cost-effective way to display these cameras is to put the pallet directly on the sales floor. The Costco Merchandising Team needed an inexpensive way to demonstrate a functional camera model as part of the pallet display. Vanguard Protex Global came up with an All-In-One single camera system that provides power and security through a single cable. The self-contained system can mount to any surface, is armed to prevent theft and the camera is “live” so that customers can explore product features.

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VPG products are engineered to accelerate sales while providing the toughest security protection in the industry. We recognize that every business partnership a company makes is essential to their success, which is why our products are not only designed to protect stores, but also enhance shopper experience.

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As the industry leader in retail security products, we meet the accelerating demand for new generations of consumer electronics. Our in-house design, engineering and manufacturing capabilities enable us to meet short supply windows for customers that have urgent needs for replacement products, store remodels and/or new systems.

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