We are all familiar with the wide variety of uses for our laptop computers. We love the convenience of having our e-mail, calendars, endless word documents and excel spreadsheets, along with our favorite tunes, and, oh don’t forget, the good old fashioned ability to surf the web at our finger tips. Then along comes the tablet. So what other unique uses can this gem afford us that are not already embedded in our everyday activities? While I am sure there are many yet to be conceived ideas, a few do come to mind.

  1. The convenience of the tablet works well for us old fashioned note takers. I have found that during meetings I am much more productive scribbling out notes on a tablet then punching the key board of a laptop. It is also less distracting to the other meeting attendees.
  2. I use my tablet during the interview process with perspective new hires as well. I think it is much less intimidating to them to see me taking notes as opposed to hiding behind a screen punching a key board.
  3. Using the less bulky tablet as my GPS has also been handy (not while driving of course).
  4. Because of its compact size I find myself using my tablet for all sorts of tasks that I never took the time to use my Laptop for. Watching movies in a cramped coach seat on a coast to coast flight was my latest discovery. My laptop was always to cumbersome for that task.

While I am sure the tablet will never completely replace the laptop for everyday users I am sure it will have its place in our ever growing arsenal of electronic conveniences that we call necessities.

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