If you’re a consumer electronics retailer, it is safe to say that from a planning perspective, the holiday season is never far off. As the pages of the calendar melt away and Black Friday draws near, preparations must be made to ensure that shelves will be stocked with the “must have” and “must see” items of the season. So, you ask, where will the sales growth come from? According to a recent report from the Consumer Electronics Association, TVs – the longstanding leading revenue category – are about to lose the leadership position to the home computer. Pushing TVs further down the list of revenue contribution will be mobile phones and related devices.

The driving forces behind the growth in the home computer category are expected to be Tablet and the Laptop computers. That doesn’t seem so hard to believe, especially when you consider the warm reception that greeted the iPad when it hit the shelves. And now to round out the playing field, Dell, HP, Cisco and Lenovo are lining up their tablet offerings to be market-ready, and pronto!

As for me, I am going to keep an eye on a long shot: the 3D TV. I would expect to see a lot of hype around the new technology which may very well translate to sales of the latest “must see” home entertainment experience. Besides, have you noticed that the 3D glasses they are making these days are not your Dad’s 3D glasses? These high tech “cheaters” range in price from $129-$199 – which might be a good reason for retailers to seek a security system to keep them from walking off the sales floor – and help to create a mind blowing viewing experience for any program or movie!

Yes, it’s July. But that’s no reason to think that the holidays are too far off. Especially if you are focusing on retail consumer electronics sales!

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