Copia announces a $99 eReader.

After reducing the price to $149, Barnes and Noble is clearing floor space in their stores to show off the Nook.

Amazon announces a $139 Kindle and points out that e-book sales are soaring.

It’s the middle of the summer and as if it weren’t hot enough already, we are all now witness to the battle of e-readers heating up…again. The item I found most interesting involves Barnes & Noble. Barnes & Noble has announced their intention to devote about 1,000 square feet of their floor space to display the Nook. They came right out and said that they want to put the product on display in a manner that allows customers to experience the product before purchasing.

“I think that’s everything,” said William Lynch, chief executive officer of Barnes & Noble. “American consumers want to try and hold gadgets before they purchase them.”

Smart man. I see why he is the CEO. We here at the VPG blog espouse the same mantra. And in the same manner that we already help retailers around the world power and secure their electronic gadgets, we are prepared to help those curious about e-readers try before they buy.

Which e-reader are you planning to try before you buy?

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