An old business axiom states that in order for your advertising to be effective, your message needs to be heard a minimum of three times. Don’t believe me? I submit one piece of evidence: Geico. Heard of them? But I digress. This is not a message about excessive advertising of insurance, beer or wireless carriers. This is a message about wireless charging.

In the past 24 months we have witnessed multiple instances of wireless charging poking its head into the Consumer Electronics tent. Palm (remember them?) introduced the Palm Pre that offered wireless, or inductive, charging – I’ll let consumer acceptance results speak for themselves, but I will blow our own horn for the way Vanguard Protex Global (nee Vanguard Products Group) developed a unique merchandising and anti-theft solution for our friends at Sprint in support of the Pre. Again, I digress…

At the heart of the Energizer Dual-Zone Inductive Charging Pad lies the Qi (pronounced “chi”) technology. Pretty slick. Place your device (five watts or less phone, iPod, camera) into the specially designed, Qi enabling, bulk creating case, drop it on the charging pad and presto! Your phone will go from a dead device to a fully charged, ready to take on the world communications tool in about three and a half hours! What?!? Read that last line back to me. Three and a half hours to charge your phone? Really? I guess it comes down to deciding what you like least – waiting or wires.

In the meantime, while your merchandising needs require that your CE devices receive the good old battery charging methods that have gotten us this far, you need to consider how to enlist Vanguard Protex Global for your next project. Who knows, maybe this inductive charging concept may become a standard one day. What do you think? Is inductive charging here to stay?

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