iPhone 4 is here! By now, many of us have learned that the demand for the newest Apple product far exceeded the expectations of even the staunchest Apple devotees. After reading the reviews and press releases detailing the product, it’s easy to understand why!

So what can be expected out there in retail-land? Well, if history is any indication, shoppers will flock in droves to go see this little beauty and explore it’s many wonders. Consequently, smart retailers will be ready when they arrive. The smartphone is feature rich and has a solid feel when held in your hand.

It’s not unreasonable to believe that customers desire to learn this for themselves by holding it in their hand and taking it for a “test drive”. If you are a retailer offering the newest iPhone 4, you can enhance your customers shopping experience by making sure that the phone is displayed so that it invites customer interaction. A power alarm solution from Vanguard Products Group is a great way to enhance customer experience around the latest Apple product.

At VPG, we want to make sure that you have a variety of solutions from which to choose. From line alarm to stand alone security systems, our phone solutions offer an assortment of display, structure, and security options to meet your needs.

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